English Garden

Using our moisturizing calendula soap base (with skin nourishing cocoa and shea butter) and mixing in our Rose Garden fragrance oil.  The light scent of roses from this soap reminds us of our time in England where we could walk past hedges made of roses.


Our soaps are have a 3% superfat content


Prices for our soap are for their minimum weight.


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    Please see our Store Policies page

  • Ingredients

    Infused sunflower oil (organic sunflower oil, organic calendula flowers), water, organic coconut oil, lye, organic cocoa butter, shea butter, organic orange essential oil, organic or local beeswax

  • Note on Availability

    During the Summer/Fall time our stock varies depending on what has sold at market, and our inventory online does not always update. As a remedy if you are interested in any of our soaps, please e-mail us about what type of soap you are interested in and we can let you know what we have in stock.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.