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Hello, I am Dr. Geoffrey Giampa, the owner and founder of Hive EXtract.  A few years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer.  This was devastating news for our family, and I felt helpless with what I could do.  While talking with the doctors about planned treatment and outcomes it was recommended that he use a lotion for sensitive skin, free of anything that could cause irritation, as the treatment would increase sensitivity.  When I heard this I felt like there was finally something I could do that would help make this terrible process better.  Providing my dad with a lotion wouldn’t cure his cancer, but it might make the treatment a little more bearable.


Some background about me, I earned my PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Vermont.  With my degree I have a large knowledge of chemicals and all the wonderful ways they can and have been used to make our world a better place.  At the same time, much of my research was focused on trying to synthetically make compounds that were found in nature, because Nature has had more time to develop compounds to do just about anything.  I therefore focus on combining my knowledge of working in a lab with the properties of the compounds nature already has produced to make high quality effective products.


I first got interested in creating cosmetics when I was in graduate school.  While working on classes and conducting research, I occasionally took classes in the area on indoor gardening, making jam, and one on making some locally inspired cosmetics.  Using what I learned from this I began making products for friends and family as gifts.


The treatment of my father’s cancer was ultimately successful, and we are all thankful for every day we have to spend together.  The ordeal made me aware of the need for products that are gentle on sensitive skin, and inspired me to open this business.


As a footnote to this story, the products I make are designed with skin sensitives in mind.  While the lotion I made helped my father, every battle with cancer, like every person, is unique.  If you are thinking of using any of these products while undergoing treatment, or suffer from any other skin disease/disorder, you need to talk to a medical professional to determine if they could be used or should be avoided.  Failure to do so could exacerbate the problem.

About Us: About Us
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