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Our Fragrances and Scents

Our primary goal is to focus on making products free of fragrances and preservatives so that anyone, regardless of their skin sensitivity, can use them.  However, we also like to offer the chance to add a fragrance component that may enhance or complement our products.  Any fragrance has the potential to cause irritation, so we do caution you to test products on a small patch of skin before using them in the rare case that it does irritate your skin, and we recommend starting with a sample or travel size of one of our products.  All of our fragrances are added in a mild to medium profile, so as not to overwhelm your senses, or those around you.


There are three different categories of fragrance that we offer:

  1. Organic Essential Oils: these are essential oils that are USDA certified organic.

  2. Essential Oils: these are high quality essential oils, but they have not been produced under conditions that meet USDA organic standards.  We make use of these as organic versions may either be unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

  3. Fragrance Oils: these oils are made from either a blend of natural or synthetic oils.  We utilize these to acquire unique and pleasant fragrances that essential oils alone would have difficulty achieving.  We source our fragrances from reputable suppliers for the purpose of being used on skin.


Below is a list of the essential oils and fragrances (with descriptions) we currently have available and can be found in our product listings.  If you have any questions about our fragrances or are interested in one that we do not have, please contact us.


Organic Essential Oils:

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Frankincense, and Orange

Essential Oils:

Cedarwood, Lavender, and Clove


Fragrance Oils:

  • Carpenter's Shop: this oil carries the scent of soft pine and wood shavings.  While this won't help you build a table from scratch, it may encourage you to try.

  • Clean Lumberjack: a fresh scent with notes of the great outdoors

  • Beach Vacation: Filled with scents reminiscent of your summer beach trips or home trips by the pool with an umbrella.

  • Rose Garden: this oil has the soft subtle scent of walking past a hedge of rose bushes, not to strong or weighed down with perfume smells

  • Apple Pie: this oils has top notes of cinnamon, middle notes of crisp apple, and a subtle base note of vanilla

  • Cinnamon Roll: top notes of vanilla, a middle sugary caramel note, and a base note of vanilla

  • Caramel: top note of caramel, middle note of warm sugar, and base note of vanilla

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